/ Before we get started

Below are just a few pointers to get thinking about before we chat about your new website or graphic design and print project, also use it as a reference throughout so we don’t forget anything!

You may think “I don’t even know what that means!” to some of the points – but don’t worry – I am here to go through these questions with you and make sure you understand everything before we get started.

Websites and digital projects

  • Are you wanting me to design AND build your website, or just one of these?
  • Have you thought about whether you want me to make future updates to your website, or if you would be better with a CMS (Content Management System) so you can make updates yourself?
  • If you think a CMS would be the best option for you, do you have a person/people who can be in charge of making the future website updates? Do these people already have good level of computer literacy? Have they set aside time to be trained on the how to use the CMS, and then for future updates?
  • If you want me to make updates to an exiting website, do you have your log-ins for your website administration area / the ‘FTP’ details so I can make changes to the site?
  • Do you already have a domain name, and a hosting package for your website, or do you need me to advise on and arrange this for you?
  • Have you thought about how people will find your website? If you are relying on people finding you through searches on Google and other Search Engines, we can discuss ‘Search Engine Optimization’(SEO) and the things we will need to do to help people find your site in this way.
  • Are you creating all your content – text and images for your project, yourself – or do you need a copywriting / image sourcing service?
  • Do you have your company logo in a digital format I can use, and can you supply any brand guidelines for me to adhere to in my designs?
  • Do you have all your content in a digital format that you can supply me – your text in Word Documents or similar, and your images as hi quality files (ask me about file types)? For website content – It is useful to create a folder on your computer/shared drive; and put the content for each page in a separate sub-folder. This will make it easier for your colleagues to all add to the content, and for me when I am adding it to your website.
  • Make sure to ask me to mention the different internet browsers people will view your website in, and the little differences in how your website may be seen across the very old browsers. I support the IE8 countdown
  • For email newsletters, do you already have an account with an email marketing software – such as Mailchimp or Dotmailer? If not you will need such an account to hold your mailing lists, and send your email newsletters from each month.


Graphic design and print

  • Do you have your own printer you would like me to use for your printed literature, or would you rather I used one of my screened and trusted suppliers?
  • Do you have already have full spec for the project, including the number of, and dimensions of the pages? (if not we can discuss this and work out what is best for you).
  • Do you know whether you want the job printed in full colour, using Pantone mixes or in black and white?
  • Do you have your company logo in a digital format I can use, and can you supply any brand guidelines for me to adhere to in my designs?
  • Do you have all your text in a Word Document (or similar) and all your images and illustrations as hi quality (300dpi) digital files?