Advonet – Web & Graphic Design

Advonet were restructuring and re-branding themselves as the single point of access for advocacy support and advice in Leeds, and needed a brand new look across all of their offline and online marketing material. This meant a need for both new web and graphic design.

The client wanted a clean, accessible website, making use of extra features such as text enlarging, with screenreader talking software planned for the future. A forum was added in stage 2 of the project; to give people in the community a place to have their voice about issues which people may need an Advocate’s help with.

The graphic design element of the project began first with a new logo and brand for Advonet, and included leaflets, directories and exhibition banners.

Website –


Advonet logo

Website design and build

Web & graphic design Advonet

Web & graphic design Advonet


Leaflet and brochure graphic design, and Exhibition roll-up banners

Graphic design - Advonet leaflets and booklets

Graphic design for Advonet - exhibition banners